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Lagree & Bounce

Welcome to
Your Wellness

Why Sage House?

More than a Workout

Sage House is a space to restore your body and mind through movement, sweat, and community. Feel like your most fit, energized, centered self through our full-body, low-impact Lagree and bounce workouts.


High Intensity,
Low Impact

Lagree is an incredibly effective and efficient method that combines elements of Pilates, strength training, and cardio into a single total-body workout. Lagree provides maximum results in minimum time, working each muscle group to exhaustion through slow, intentional movement with constant resistance and counter-resistance on the innovative Megaformer.


Your New
Favorite Cardio

Find joy in movement in our cardio and sculpt bounce classes. Bounce is a dance-based, low-impact, high-energy method that will have you sweating on the beat atop a trampoline.

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