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Lagree & Bounce

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Lagree Classes

Lagree is an incredibly effective, efficient, low-impact, high-intensity method that combines elements of Pilates, strength training, and cardio into a single total-body workout.

Lagree provides maximum results in minimum time, working each muscle group to exhaustion through slow, intentional movement with constant resistance and counter-resistance on the innovative Megaformer.


Lean muscle tone
Low-impact exercise
Cardiovascular fitness
Core strength and stability
Improves balance and flexibility


House Lagree

Our signature 50 minute total body Lagree workout. Expect a music-driven and form-focused small group setting for this low-impact, high-intensity method with results that are unmatched.
Lagree Essentials

Our signature 50 minute full body Lagree workout that is tailored to those newer to the method or those looking for a refresher on the basics. Strongly recommended for those who have taken less than 5 Lagree classes.

Lagree Express

Our total body workout in an express format. 35 minutes of high intensity work that will deliver the same Lagree burn in a shorter amount of time.

Bounce Classes

Find joy in movement in our cardio and sculpt bounce classes. Bounce is dance-based, low-impact, high-energy method that will have you sweating on the beat atop a trampoline.

Engage body and mind, endurance and coordination building combiations improves memory and works lymphatic drainage metabolism bone density.


Full-body workout
Low-impact exercise
Cardiovascular fitness
Encourages lymphatic drainage
Improved balance and coordination
Improved memory skills and focus


House Bounce

45 minutes of our signature beat-based bounce cardio.
Light weight sneakers required.

House Bounce Sculpt

30 consecutive minutes of bounce cardio followed by 30 consecutive minutes of sculpt. Light-weight sneakers required.

Bounce Blend

Our signature blend of bounce and sculpt, fusing the two methods throughout the class. Light-weight sneakers required.

Simple Bounce

Designed for those brand new to bounce, returning from injury, or looking a slower-paced class. All the benefits of house bounce class, but with slower beats, and built-in breaks to help build endurance and agility. Sneakers required.

Why Sage House?

Mind & Body

Sage House is a space to restore your body and mind through movement, sweat, and community. Feel like your most fit, energized, centered self through our full-body, low-impact Lagree and bounce workouts.

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