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Lagree & Bounce

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Come try out our strengthening and lengthening Lagree and Bounce classes and restore in our Infrared Sauna. Sage House is a space for community, movement, and growing towards your best version of you.



All your questions answered.
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Where do I park?
We’re located at 2171 E Cole St. Birmingham, MI 48009. There are free shared parking spaces around the Cole Street complex that you are welcome to choose from.
What should I bring to class?
Grip socks are mandatory for our Lagree classes but don’t worry, if you forget we have a great selection in the studio for purchase. Lightweight sneakers are required for our Bounce classes. Bring a bottle of water; we also have bottles for purchase. Last but not least, an open-minded attitude!
When should I arrive at class?
Sage House requires first timers to arrive to class no later than 15 minutes before scheduled class time. This gives you time to get set up on your machine / trampoline, get a tour of the studio, and meet your instructor.
How do I schedule classes?
How often should I do Lagree?

Lagree is designed to work your muscles to the point of fatigue. We recommend taking Lagree 3-4 times per week. However, this is dependent on your fitness level and intensity of your workouts. We love to mix in a bounce class to loosen up your tight muscles in between Lagree classes. As always, listen to your body and rest when you need to! 

What is the cancellation or no show policy?

We have an 8 hour cancellation policy, meaning you can cancel up to 8 hours before your class starts. If you cancel within our 8 hour cancellation window, you will be charged a $15 late cancel fee. If you do not cancel and do not show up for class, you will be charged for one drop-in class. 

How does the waitlist work?

If you would like to take a class that’s full, we always recommend joining the waitlist. You must have a class package or membership available in order to book and join the waitlist. If you do not get a spot in class, the class credit will be returned to your account. If a spot opens up, you will be added to the class and receive a notification.

How long is a class?

Our signature Lagree class is 50 minutes long. We also offer a Lagree express class weekly that is 35 minutes of work.  Our signature bounce classes are 45-60 minutes long depending on the class style. 

Do I need a private before I do a group Lagree class?

Our instructors are experienced in teaching and training first timers, and always want you to succeed in our small group setting. We do offer a Lagree essentials class that we highly recommend taking as a first timer and for the first few studio visits. We are happy to coordinate private training if you are interested, please contact us for pricing and scheduling. 

Can I take Lagree or Bounce if I’m pregnant?

If you were regularly taking Lagree or Bounce classes pre-pregnancy, you can continue to take class as long as you feel comfortable and have your doctor’s approval. Please discuss with your doctor before taking class.

Your physician should clear any post-pregnancy activity. Remember to be kind to your body and take your time getting back into a workout routine.

Can I go in the Infrared Sauna while pregnant?

As always, speak with your doctor if you are pregnant or postpartum, but sauna use is not recommended for pregnant individuals.

Are the Lagree classes the same as Pilates?

We love Pilates, but Lagree is unique! The Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer equipment do utilize some elements of Pilates, however it is a higher intensity workout with more cardiovascular elements included. 

Is Sage House for Everyone?

YES! We welcome all individuals of all fitness levels and everyone who visits our studio can benefit from what we offer. The low impact nature of our Lagree and Bounce workouts minimizes unnecessary stress on the joints and makes it perfect for those who may be rehabbing injuries. There is always an adjustment period when trying a new method of fitness, but we promise if you’re patient with yourself and stick with us, the results will speak for themselves – not just in how you look but most importantly with how you feel!

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